Accordion Mini Books

One of my most popular products – the accordion mini book!

These super-cute books are a great way to show-off multiple images from your portrait session. Each book can hold between 8-12 images, including one each on the front & back covers. They snap shut magnetically, which means they can even be used as fridge magnets! As you can imagine, these mini books make great gifts.

accordion mini book coversaccordion mini books


You can order these by email, by phone, or in your online gallery (if you have one). Please email me with a list of 12 images you would like to include. Designing these is a bit like putting together a puzzle, so I may only be able to fit 8-10 images. Basically, if each image will fit in one “panel”, all 12 will fit in the book. If any images take up 2 “panels”, fewer images will fit. You dont have to worry about it. I will make the best design to work with your selected images 🙂

These books are available in sets of 2 or more identical books.

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