Portrait Photography FAQ

How much do you charge for a portrait session? Is there an extra charge for large groups?

Portrait sessions are $275 on weekdays, and $325 on weekends. Plus tax. For large groups (7+ people), there is an additional charge of $50.

What is included in a portrait session fee?

The portrait session fee includes the portrait session (obviously), and it also includes 3 high-resolution digital images of your choice. Additional images may be purchased individually, or in batches of 5 / 10 / 30 images. If you are not a “digital image” person and prefer prints/albums, you will receive $70 credit towards your print/album order. Contact me for more information & pricing details.
Maternity & newborn clients receive a 50% discount on additional sessions within 12 months of their original session.

How long is the session?

Portrait sessions usually take between 45-60 minutes, sometimes a bit longer.

If kiddos are shy, I allow time for them to warm up to the idea of being photographed. I DO NOT expect anyone to be “posing” for a straight 60 minutes. I want everyone to enjoy their time with me and not feel pressured at all. If we are outdoors, we might walk around a bit to get to know eachother a bit & keep things interesting.

Where should we do our portraits?

I do not have a studio.
Portrait sessions can be at your home, or outdoors at a location such as a park, a beach, the woods, etc. I have many favorite spots if you would like help choosing a location.
Contact me with any questions you have about this.

What should we wear?

Well, you don’t want to “match”, but you don’t want to clash, either. Think of everyone’s clothing as parts of the same outfit. Do they go together? PLEASE avoid any clothing with writing or large logos on it. More info on my “what to wear” page, and on this Pinterest board.

When will we see our images?

About a week after the session, you will receive a link to your image gallery. At that point, you will be able to select your favorites, and place your order. Turnaround time for digital images is roughly 3 weeks. Turnaround time for prints is roughly 4 weeks.

What time of day should we schedule our portrait session?

Great question.
Two things to consider for this are: Best Time For Kiddos & Best Light Outdoors (for outdoor portraits). With young children (under 5), PLEASE choose a time of day that works best for their schedules. When are they at their most cheerful & bubbly? Try not to choose a time when they are likely to be tired and/or hungry.
The “best” light outdoors really is the first two hours of sunlight or the last two hours. Obviously, this is not always convenient, but I am abolutely game for an early am session, or late-afternoon session if you are up for it. During the rest of the day, I will always be able to find (or create) good light. It is best to avoid the two hours around high-noon, if possible. On a sunny day, I will either photograph you in the shade or with your backs to the sun. (No squinting into the bright sunlight!)

What ages are best for portraits of very young children & newborns?

Optimal ages for portraits really follow your child’s development. As a child grows older & stronger, he or she will be able to comfortably “pose” in a greater variety of ways.
Newborn portraits are best scheduled within 10 days of birth, if possible. This will ensure a greater chance for capturing those “brand-new”, “curled-up” images. At this stage, babies sleep the most soundly, allowing them to be “posed” carefully & safely. Once they are 2-4 weeks old, they may be more awake, stretch-out more, etc.
Holding Head Up:
The next stage that works really nicely for portraits would be when your baby can hold his or her head up comfortably. This is generally around 4-5 months. At this stage, babies can be photographed on their backs (with camera directly above), and also on their tummies, perhaps propped up on a pillow.
I have to admit this is my FAVORITE stage. Around 6-9 months, when your baby can sit up on his/her own is a GREAT age for super-cute portraits (especially if they aren’t super into crawling). At this stage, babies can be photographed sitting, on their tummies, crawling, etc. It’s also a great age to incorporate siblings into some shots, although that also depends on some cooperation from the siblings 🙂
Parents of toddlers do not need to be told that this can be a challenging age to photograph. But they are so darn cute! I am a VERY patient person, and I only need them for a few seconds at a time. I try to keep it fun for them. Outdoors can be great for active toddlers, as they can move around & explore.

What Backdrops are available?

If you would like a more “studio” look for your portraits, I can bring a backdrop with me. I do need a fair amount of room for this. Please take a look at my portfolio for samples of different styles of backdrops I have used in portrait sessions. You can see additional backdrop images here.

How do we book a portrait session?

Contact me to schedule your portrait session.
Weekends tend to book up a couple weeks in advance, especially during warm weather.
To confirm your booking, I require a $50 deposit. The balance will be due on the day of your session. Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card.

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