Grand Prix Bar Mitzvah | Ben

Ben’s Grand Prix Bar Mitzvah party was something else.
This place has EVERYTHING : Go-cart racing, bowling, video games, cocktails, food, dancing, games…

Not only did his family chose Grand Prix Racing for the Bar Mitzvah party, but they had the Bar Mitzvah service there as well.

Bar Mitzvah with his parents.
Extended family portrait before the service.
The “cousins” portrait should be fun!
Family goofiness on the racetrack 🙂
Bar Mitzvah Party decor at Grand Prix Racing
Bar Mitzvah service before the party.
Time for some go-cart racing action!
The racetrack at Grand Prix
Bowling at Grand Prix.
The candle-lighting
Crowd-surfing the hora.

Venue: Grand Prix Racing, Mount Kisco, NY