Surf Club Wedding | Rachel & Evan

Rachel & Evan’s Surf Club wedding was on a gorgeous sunny day in June.

Having already spent some time with these two at their Yonkers engagement session, I arrived at The Surf Club on their wedding day feeling more like a friend than just their “wedding photographer”. In the months leading up to the wedding, Rachel & I had spoken on the phone several times and emailed back & forth to discuss various details, and I was always struck by her excitement and enthusiasm. By the time their wedding day arrived, I must admit, I was pretty excited, too. This was my first Surf Club wedding, and I was really looking forward to it.

I may have mentioned once or twice how much I LOVE working with smiley brides. Well, Rachel might just be the smiliest bride I have ever worked with. Her joy is seriously infectious, and I found myself grinning behind the camera all day long.


The waterfront ceremony was followed by an afternoon reception full of dancing and laughter with friends & family.

With her bridesmaids dressed in hot pink, a bridal bouquet of soft pink peonies, and bright pink, purple, and orange flowers throughout the reception, this wedding was a riot of color.

Rachel & Evan have such an electric energy together, and it was a joy and a privilege to be their wedding photographer.


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Venue: The Surf Club on The Sound, New Rochelle

Makeup: JK Flashy